How to Promote Safe Driving Practice in Teens during the Summer Holidays?

There are good reasons for parents to stay concerned for their son and daughter as the summer holidays have begun in Australia and they will go out with the car, for sure. Well, it should not be that problematic if they are equipped with proper training and driving lessons.

Let’s begin with a statistics here.

According to the records, the rate of driving fatality around the country strikingly rises during the Christmas and New Year. At least 40-50 car accident cases are lodged in the records, and 60% of them are the teens.

The influence of alcohol, not being attentive enough while on the road, rash driving and of course the lack of proper driving skills are the main cause of this issue.

So, as parents, you need to keep an eye on this matter and only hand them over the car keys only when you are confident enough about their driving skills.

Adventure Drive School, being one of the most trusted driving schools in Pakenham, genuinely cares for you and your children and that’s why we would like you some essential tips to share with the teens so that they can be safe while during summer, especially on special days like Christmas and New Year.

Not to Speed Up too Much

Speed is tempting! Isn’t it? Well, for teens that is the adrenaline rush comes from high spirit. Unfortunately, going beyond the speed limit leads them to lose control over the vehicle and as a result, they end up hitting another car. Make sure; you make them aware of the hazards they might face and try to make them what simple speeding up may cost them.

Not to Get Distracted

It’s Christmas time. So, it’s obvious that the teens will be in high spirit. Turning on the loud music inside the car, constantly checking the phone or chatting with friends are some of the common things teens do while they are in a good mood. However, things can turn fatal if they do the same while driving the car. These are the distractions you need to keep your teen away from to keep them safe.

Crossing the Passenger Limit

Teens often make the mistake of making the car too crowded by inviting too many of their friends inside the vehicle. It does not only cause a distraction but is very unsafe practice as well. As the owner, you ought to be strict here and set a passenger limit before your son or daughter goes out in the car.

Ending Up

Well, it’s not that hard to bind your kids into discipline. As parents, you can take the responsibility of keeping them safe during this time of the year by enrolling them for a driving course. Adventure Drive School offers some amazing single cheap driving lessons that will make your young one ready to go with the car within 90 minutes.

Yes, it is actually that simple! All you need to do is to get in touch with our experts as soon as you can to remind your kid about the safe driving practices once again and also boost them up with confidence.

Wish this summer be lucky and safe for your family!