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Things Not To Do When Heading For The Open Road – Driving Tips

Very few achievements express the feeling of joy and accomplishment than holding a freshly printed driving license for the very first time.

It is with this little hunk of plastic which grants you the freedom to go anywhere and anytime. However, as a new learner; your responsibilities don’t end with you getting your driving license.

With that; you also need to ensure you don’t end up making these mistakes when heading off to the open road.

Adventure Drive School- one of the distinguished driving schools in Pakenham instruct their learners with lots of safe driving tips- a few of which unfortunately a lot of drivers forget.

So, here’s recapitulating them again in details.

  • Distracting Yourself Behind The Steering.

It is staggering to know the number of crazy (and potentially dangerous) things new drivers do when sitting behind the steering wheels. Some of them include applying makeup, tying up their tie, or even speaking to their mates while driving as if they own the road.

You should avoid all these foolish things and focus more on the task at hand- which is driving. And put away all things or items which could distract you.

  • Ignoring To Scan The Road In Front Of You.

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You need to have eyes at the front at all times while driving. It is one of the most fundamental rules for safe driving. You will come across lots of dangers like potholes, black-ice and even cars coming from left-right-centre. And just cause you trust your skills, doesn’t mean the other drivers are adept at driving too. So, for your safety, scan the whole road for potential dangers on your route.

  • Tail-gating Too Closely For Comfort.

The golden rule to tailgating is always to maintain a 3-second distance when moving at 50mph. Furthermore with every 10mph over 50mph; you must increase it by one second from the car ahead of yours.

Tailgating too close means running into dangerous- even life-threatening collisions. So, keep this in mind and always maintain extreme caution.

  • Leaving The Seat-Belts Unbuckled.

Not putting your seat-belts on properly is another driving peril you should avoid. Not doing so means- firstly you’re violating a law, and secondly; you are putting your life at extreme risk, especially if your chosen route is a busy one.

Make buckling up prior to hitting the accelerator an important habit. It makes the difference between being safe (with a few minor bruises or scrapes) than being hospitalised for severe injuries.

  • Driving When Feeling Drowsy.

Driving tips

Driving when feeling drowsy is another aspect ‘Adventure Drive School’ included in cheap yet safe-driving lessons in Pakenham for every learner/teen driver.

This usually happens after you take the wheels after an intense workout session, soccer practice or after your night shift.

The best thing would be to postpone whatever plans you have and get sufficient sleep. This will help ward off whatever drowsiness you feel and prevent you from dozing off at the wheels.

  • Taking The Wheels Under Alcoholic Influence.

It is illegal for new drivers below 21 to consume alcohol. As unfortunate as it may sound, this does little to stop them from becoming their own wheel-man after downing a few too many.

As underage drinking is illegal, new drivers (under the influence of alcohol) are less reluctant to call home for their ride.

You should not do this. An enjoyable night of drinking is not worth putting your life (or the lives of others) in danger. So, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, no matter how confident you are in your skills.

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Each of these tips can save your life. And there’s no substitute to that. So, if you want to know more about our courses and drive test requirements in Pakenham, feel free to contact Adventure Drive School.