Parallel Car Parking
Secret Steps of Flawless Parallel Parking

Even when you are playing car racing or parking games on your smartphone, it tests your nerve. You possibly end up bumping on the other cars which are already there at the parking lot. So, when the same situation comes to the actual world, things become more difficult.

You need to get the right driving lessons at first and that too from a reputed driving school near you. The instructors often say that whereas the learners do not find it much challenging to park perpendicularly or in an angle, on the contrary, parallel parking turns out to be a nightmare for them.

We, the team of Adventure Drive School, takes this situation seriously and that’s why to put special focus on the area in our manual driving lessons in Melbourne. Our team would like to share you some secrets that will help you in smooth parallel parking. Follow those on.

  • Locate your Parking Spot

Set a target at first. Usually, the parallel parking spots are kept marked with a white line. The space allocated for each vehicle often remains 1-2 meters long from the size of the car. So, there should not be any case of bumping. If other vehicles are standing at the same parking lot, you can ask the drivers to move it a bit back so that you can park smoothly.

  • Keep 1 Meter Distance from Other Cars

Car parking

No matter in which angle you are parking your car, if you always manage to keep a 1-meter long distance from the other vehicles, you will get the chance to move freely in the parking zone without hitting anybody.

  • Manage the Head of your Car

It’s the time when you have to move your car carefully so that it can easily fit in the parking lot. Start driving backwards till the time when the head of your vehicle is about 1 meter to 1.5 meters from the car ahead of yours in line.

Now, you have to start releasing the brake gradually and turn the wheel all the way to the right and slowly drive the car back at the parking lot, just like you have learnt it in the cheap driving lessons in Melbourne. Earlier you were maintaining the 1-meter distance from the car in the front, right? You should also keep the same distance from the sidewalks.

Remember to check the surroundings carefully to make sure no incoming object can hit you.

  • Drive the Rest Part

Car Parking

At the next step, you have to drive the rest part in the driving lot. After you have inserted the head, now you have to turn your steering wheel to the left and adjust the car position accordingly. In this step, you have to keep a constant eye on the rear view mirror of your car to remain on the safe side.

  • Adjust the Final Position

After you are done with getting your car in the parking lot, you have to adjust its position a bit with slight right and left movement of the vehicle to make sure that it is being parked in the perfect spot.


Hope this blog has helped you to understand that parking your car in parallel position is not a dreadful task at all if you follow the rules. Enrol in Adventure Drive School for comprehensive driving lessons where we will make you learn every aspect of parking the vehicle without a glitch.