3 Key Questions You Ought to Ask Your Driving Instructor

So, you’re finally decided to take up driving lessons. It’s a good decision, but the only thing which is bothersome is why you didn’t think of this any sooner.

Nevertheless, since you came around and made the right call; How Do You Figure Out A Reliable Driving School For Your Lessons?

You very well know that there are numerous driving schools existing in the region. But you also know that not all of them are not good. So- “How Do I Know That You’re The Right One For Me?” This can be a daunting task if you have never done this before.

Fret not, here are some real-time questions that you need to keep in mind when sorting out your options.

Check them out!

QUESTION 1: “For How Long Have You Been Giving Driving Lessons?”

There are many who think that this could be a rude question to ask. And maybe it is, but since you are paying a good sum, it is not wrong in checking the qualification and field experience of your driving instructor.

Another piece of information would be to know if she/he is a part of some top-rated driving schools in Cranbourne. That will present more confidence and give you peace of mind in exploring more.

If your instructor is genuinely good and has heaps of experience; he/she will rather like this approach of your’s. Top instructors rather consider this as a good way to engage in a conversation and like having students who are clear in their mind as to what they want to accomplish.

So, the bottom line is Don’t Hesitate In Knowing Their Field Experience.

QUESTION 2:  “What Is The Pass Rate That You Enjoy With Your Students?”

“ I enjoy 100% success rate with my students.”

If you come across such claims from your driving instructor, then scamper in the opposite direction.

This is nothing more than a blatant claim as- “there’s nothing like a 100% student success rate.”  Ignoring such instructors; your aim should be to find someone who has a record of caring and understanding his/her every student’s requirements and expectations.

Another thing that you can try doing is take some references of his/her previous students and have a chat with them. That will give you more information about the instructor and make you clear whether they are worth your precious time and money!

Question 3: “ Can You Fill Me In About Your Tutoring Method?

Believe it or not, this is one question which you cannot afford to NOT ASK!. It’s irrefutable that every student has their own way of learning.

  • While some need their instructors as a partner to accompany them during their course of training.
  • Some require their instructors to teach them the specifics before they actually sit behind the steering wheels and attempt driving.
  • And then there are some students who like being dictated (spoon-fed)in every step of their driving lesson.

This is where the quality, flexibility and the training ability of the instructor will come on display. The reason why this question is so pivotal is because you will be spending around 35 hours (give or take) over a span of a month.

So, unless you can commit to a driving instructor by 100%; then only commit. Or else keep looking till you stumble on one who you can!

One good place to start is ‘Adventure Drive School’; one of the popular driving schools in Berwick. Speak to their trainers and also get quotes on their courses.