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Tips from Our Driving Instructor to Crack Driving Test at One Go

When it comes to cracking driving test at one go, success depends upon a wide range of things. It depends upon the driving lessons that you have learned, the quality of the training curriculum itself, and of course the instructor, who has to the responsibility of imparting the driving knowledge and guiding you to be a competent person at the wheel.

Well, that brings us to the point. The onus entirely rests upon your instructor, and hence, you need to make sure that the driving school you vouch for, is home to the most competent and experienced driving instructor. This is to guarantee that the trainer can guide you with some tips to crack the test with flying colours.

This is extremely important, as statistics that was published in “The West Australian” quoted The Department of Transport as saying that out of a total number of 206,722 tests that were conducted during the period from January 2014 to December 2015, 110,245 incumbents failed to crack at one go. Though the statistics are a bit old, this is the overall picture every year.

The survey revealed that the rate of failure is more than 150 per day. Department of Transport further says that there were more than 57500 instances in 2017 when people failed to pass the driving test.

Driving Instructor Seaford

All these lead us to one simple fact – you need an excellent driving instructor in Seaford any other placeto crack the test, and that’s where we at Adventure Drives School makes all the difference.

However, mere training will not help you to the fullest! Here are some tips that will give you an extra edge while facing the final test.

Tip# 1: Make the most of your trainer:

While your trainer around makes the most of his or her presence. Acquire as much knowledge as you can. The trainer will NEVER be annoyed. On the contrary, it will make the bondage between you and your trainer smoother, helping in better learning.

Tip#2: Gather the reasons of failure first – be strategic in approach:

While taking a conventional route, ask the trainer to reveal the top reasons of failure and then will show ways of avoiding them one by one. This helps in easier and better learning, thus increasing the probability of cracking at the first attempt.

Tip#3: Keeping nervousness at bay:

Nervousness at driving training

This is the key. Tell your trainer if you feel butterfly in your stomach. In fact, the pro will help you in that by being cordial and generous, so that the learning becomes fun, which will help you on the D-day by surpassing nervousness!

Tip#4: Getting a feel of the test:

As the trainer to provide you a first-hand report of the test and the procedures that are followed in the test. This will make you more confident as the test day arrives!

And all these – at no extra cost and that helps in you are looking for cheap driving lessons in Frankston. While we have different training curriculum for you at various packages, we have two test packages as well for you.

The Manual Drive Test Package comes to you at the following prices:

Manual driving test package

  • The test comes at $130.00
  • 45 mins lesson and the test at $165.00
  • 60 mins lesson and the test at $175.00
  • 90 mins lesson and the test at $ 195
  • 3 lessons of 60 minutes each and the test at $304.00
  • 5 lessons of 60 minutes and the test at $420.00

The Automatic Drive Test Package comes at the following prices:

Automatic Drive Test Package

  • The test comes at $140.00
  • 45 mins lesson and the test at $165.00
  • 60 mins lesson and the test at $175.00
  • 3 lessons of 60 minutes each and the test at $285.00
  • 5 lessons of 60 minutes and the test at $380.00

For more details, visit our website and call at the number you find there, or you can write emails. Adventure Drive School will be more than happy to assist you.