Tactfully Handling Potholes
How to Avoid Potholes? Trainer’s 3 Golden Rules to Drive Safely

“Learners should be able to spot the potholes to pass the driving test”, says one of the reports in a local daily. And yes, of course. It should be made mandatory to ensure that a learner seeking a professional driving license should be able to spot the potholes. It is why the test in the recent days is taking into account the learner’s potential to deal with the potholes safely.

Experts say that driving in a pothole should be a skill that needs to be developed during the entire training session. It ensures not only safety but also prevents damage to the car. Driving test includes identifying a hazard and is a part of the theory that every driving school takes into account. It tests the candidate’s ability to act and react in case of such emergency situations. Right from controlling the accelerator and brake pedal, everything counts during the professional learning course.

The following are some of the ways by which a driver can efficiently avoid the potholes and troubles that come their way—

1. Quick Deceleration

Quick Deceleration

The very first thing that a trainer teaches a learner when it comes to avoid potholes is honing the skill to decelerate rapidly. For the rapid deceleration what is needed is to have properly inflated tires. Moving on an underinflated tire not only reduces the mileage but also make the process of braking tough.

Therefore, the trainers at the reputed driving schools in Carrum Downs ask the learners to make it a habit of inspecting the tire on a regular basis.

2. Slowing Down and Maintaining Enough Space

Keep Safe Distance

The trainers make it a point that the learner is taught the importance of evading the potholes in the best possible way. Driving into the potholes at high speeds is surely going to damage the car. Therefore, during the training session, the person undergoing the training must learn to slow down and notice the ways to avoid the potholes.

Avoid being just at the back of another car. Maintaining a safe distance from the front of the car helps give you enough time to react and pause at a safe distance. In addition to this, it also helps to see the upcoming potholes that might get unnoticed if one drives close by.

3. Sensing the Danger of Puddle

3. Sensing the Danger of Puddle

At times, the potholes are filled with water making it almost impossible for the driver to assess the dimension. Large potholes can cause tremendous damage to the car as well as can pose a threat to life.

Therefore, at Adventure Drive School, the experts stress on giving lessons on assessment of the potholes. The cheap driving lessons in Carrum Downs offered always stress on imparting quality lessons to the learners. It is, therefore, ensured that all the important things are included in a full driving course. None of the elements is skipped as this hampers honing of the driving skill of the individual.


The presence of the potholes on the roads is one of the dangers that every driver faces. Dealing with it effectively is one of the ways that can safeguard not only the car but also the other vehicles and pedestrians. The driving school’s one of the topmost priorities should be training the trainee on how to tackle the potholes safely.