“DEFENSIVE DRIVING” -It’s Importance and How You Can Master It?

Learning how to drive is a necessity for most people. For your work, to pick up your kids from school, to run important errands or a romantic drive with your lady-love; knowing how to drive makes things so much easier!

Plus another benefit of knowing how to drive is that it allows you to mitigate unforeseen accidents or roadside happenstances. Roadside accidents always come unannounced and regardless of whose fault it is; one irrefutable thing is the danger it poses to your life.

That’s why you should master the art of Defensive Driving or Responsible Driving. These courses help you take the necessary precautions that could be decisive in saving your life. But you should not get admitted into any driving school. Rather, you should choose a reputed driving institution to procure your defensive course training.


Explaining the Importance of Defensive Driving:

You always need to remember that you and the other drivers are only humans and – “To err is Human” If you don’t make mistakes, someone else will. You shouldn’t leave this to chance, but takes steps to give yourself the best chance to save your life.

It’s the nature of a good driver to not just keep an open eye on her/his own actions ,  but also watch (and anticipate) what the other drivers are doing.


Some of those golden Defensive Driving Tips:

  • Always stay abreast with the laws and rules of the road travelling
  • Not risk driving when you aren’t in the best state of mind. Driving when you are mad, tired, upset or emotionally hurt; is never congenial. It increases your chance of getting into a fight with another driver, exceeding the speed-limit and also landing into some perilous situation.
  • Always keeping a 2-3 second distance from the vehicle in front or at your sides.
  • Signal early so that the other drivers become aware of your intentions
  • Adjust your driving according to the condition of the road as well as the weather condition
  • Reducing unneeded lane changing or too much of sharp turning
  • Not keeping distractions such as cell phones, drinks or even snacks. The most important rule for responsible driving is to always keep your eyes in front and not anywhere else.

Most top-rated driving schools in Pakenham make it a point to teach students all these key skills to responsible driving along with the other car-handling training.


How To Master Defensive Driving?

  • Find a reputable agency and make a point to attend every class in your course training.
  • Practising every day with your vehicle but always make it a point to have someone next to you. This can be your elder brother, your father/uncle or even your course trainer.
  • Always keep your eyes on what’s happening on the road. Look in your mirror for possible hazards or motor-bikes tailgating you. Keep your hands in a 9-3 o’clock position and also observe the other drivers around you.
  • Keep your speed manageable- something like 35 miles per hour when rolling on freeways.
  • Avoid swerving into other cars (even animals when driving at night)

Mastering defensive driving takes time and lots or road-experience. The trick is to remember and repeat these basics. Eventually, with the help of your trainer; your perseverance and dedication; you’ll OWN IT!

So, without wasting time, start sorting out your reputed driving schools in Carrum Downs and get admitted there. As a suggestion, you can try out ‘Adventure Drive School’ for your course training.