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Overseas License Conversion Melbourne

Have you received your Permanent Residence recently? Congratulations! If you have been driving with your overseas licence, you will now be required to convert your Overseas Licence to an Australian Drivers Licence.

Not to worry. At Adventure Drive School we are ready to help you with carefully CUSTOMISED packages to convert your overseas licence successfully, fast and in an afforadble manner. Whether you have been driving in Australia for a while or are completely new to Australia, the knowledge and skills of our Professional Driving Instructors is your guarantee in earning your Australian Drivers Licence.

Road rules, road structures and road cultures differ from one country to another. So does the perception about road safety and individual driver responsibility. As a driver on Australian roads you have a tremendous responsibility towards the safety of not only yourself, your loved ones and your car, but also to the pedestrians, other road users, general public and their properties. So it is very important for you not only to know the right thing from the begining before you drive on the roads but also to do that every time you get behind the wheel!

Adventure Drive School specialises in assisting you to learn and master all these differences. Our Driving Instrutors have the cultural sensitivity and hands on experience in working with people from different cultures and backgrounds and ages. Some people fear that their limited knowledge in English or accent is a barrier. It is not a problem when working with us!

If you have been driving in Australia, we will start training you for the Drive Test straight away. Our Driving Instrutors will take you around the VicRoads Test Routes and give you a sound understanding about the Drive Test format, what to expect and what to do in different scenarios while always giving you important insights into road dynamics and building your confidence and skills necessary to become a good, responsible driver.

On the Drive Test day, your Driving Instrutor will accompany you to the Drive Test and will be with you during the whole process which will make you feel safer and at ease.

For details on the eligibility to convert your Overseas Driving Licence , how to make your bookings and identification requirements please click here.