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International Driving Permit

International Driving Permits (IDP’s) are recommended when you intend driving overseas.

In Australia, the Government appointed the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) as the only authority to issue permits. In Victoria, the RACV, as a constituent member of the AAA, is authorized to issue IDP’s through its RACV shops (external website).

An IDP is a widely recognized document and is useful for photo identification purposes. You may also need one to rent a car overseas.

Using an International Driving Permit in Victoria
An international driving permit represents a translation of an overseas driver licence. It has no validity on its own and must accompany a current overseas driver licence issued from your home licensing authority overseas.

An international driving permit is only valid if it:

complies with the UN convention for International Driving Permits, and
is issued by the country the overseas driver licence is issued in; and
is accompanied by a current overseas driver licence from the same country the permit was issued in.
Get more information about applying for an International Driving Permit at the RACV website (external website).

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